My GUADEC experience

Finally! I’m very happy I had my first GUADEC in A Coruña, Spain, which ended a few days ago. And I’m still processing the many amounts of information, ideas and discussions in my head.

First of all, I would like to thank SugarLabs for sponsoring my travel, and OLPC.
Without them it would have been impossible for me to attend this conference in this ancestral place next to the Atlantic. Thanks a lot!



The free software community is great because we are so entusiastic in what we do, and knowing the people in person raises the relatioships to another level. Was excelent to know hackers with whom I develop, or will develop in the future. Also was great to meet people from Latin America like Peru, Chile, Mexico, and even one guy from my very own town, Santa Fe!

The best thing is that now, after the talks, I have a better feeling of how GNOME is developed, and I can see the similarities that it has with the SugarLabs development in many aspects. So I’ll put efforts from now on in joining both comunities, and I will not have fear to raise a Sugar topic in GNOME. Is hard to belive that still not many people is aware of us. Or is aware, but have never seen the Sugar interface.

I’m very proud that OLPC/SugarLabs is pushing upstream the multi-touch interaction. We had a meeting with the GNOME design team guys about text selection by touch. We were showing them the designs by Gary C. Martin and discussing possibilities. Simon wrote more about this topic.

We were also investigating the addition of a great feature in multitouch browsing: zoom to content. In most mobile phones and tablets you access this feature issuing a doble tap. Then, the content you tapped on will be scaled so its width fits perfectly in the device. You usually zoom a column of text to read it, then double tap again to zoom out. This would be possible in the XO via WebKit, as the maths for doing it are there in WebKit core. So WebKitGTK+ would have to make them available and then we can have them in Browse activity and Epiphany.

On the same line, I was exchanging with the WebKitGTK+ developers to know the state of WebKit2 and their roadmap because at one point or another we will have to port Browse to it. Mario Sanchez Prada was very gentile and reviewed the set of API we use actually in Browse. In general, the API will not change, but there are some things to take care about, as a consequence of the separation of processes, Web process and UI process. For example the cookies handling, because libsoup belongs to the Web process and from the application we have
access only to the UI process. And also because of the split, unfortunatly the DOM access will be lost.

On past Monday I attended the PyGObject hackfest, very well driven by sr. Martin Pitt. I was behind a bug wich had a patch from myself but poor testcase, and in the ticket Martin asked me to improve it. It sounded easy at first, but we found very hard to do it because Gtk.TreeViewColumn had setters but no getter. But I learned a lot trying to figure out the proper testcase with the help of others. You can read Martin’s report on the hackfest here.

Another interesting things were:

We talked about accesibility in Sugar with Rubén Rodriguez and Jean Marie.

The LibreOffice talk by Michael Meeks. He did a demo of collaboration opening to instances of LibreOffice in development. Good news is that there are efforts to make it embeddable (thinking in Sugar activities) but the plans are for the future, will take time to have them, introspection and all.

The Pitivi talk that is getting a backend, GES (from GSTreamer Editing Services). That might be useful to start the development of a new actvity to edit videos.

Also I had talks with Jon Nordby about GEGL and brushlib, the backend of MyPaint, which is being separated to allow other apps use it. Would be great for Paint activity or a new Colors activity. And GEGL would be great to create an activity to edit photos.

And of course, the very good talk from my partner Simon Schampijer about Sugar! He did a demo of Sugar with included collaboration, and got the interest of the people in the room.

I’m glad I attended GUADEC!

Attending GUADEC

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